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Full Pink Moon seen across the skies of North America

Breaking News: The Full Pink Moon was seen in the skies of North America on 22 April 2016. However, the moon appeared normally white and smaller than usual. The April’s full moon is usually referred as Pink Moon in North America.
The moon appeared to be smaller than usual because it was at its furthest point from the Earth, or apogee. This full moon comes less than one day after reaching lunar apogee, the moon’s farthest point in its monthly orbit. It lies around 50 thousand km farther from Earth than 2016’s closest full moon.
The Pink Moon is also called as mini-moon and micro-moon. The terms mini-moon and micro-moon originate from popular culture. TheNASA Astronomy Photo of the Day calls the year’s smallest full moon as a micro-moon. In many respects, the micro-moon is the antithesis of a Supermoon.In November 2016, the moon will be full when it is at its closest to the Earth and will be known as a Supermoon.
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