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The World Hypertension Day 2016 is being observed on May 17

World Hypertension Day 2016 observed on May 17.World Hypertension Day is a day designated and initiated by The World Hypertension League (WHL), which is itself an umbrella to organizations of 85 national hypertension societies and leagues. The day was initiated to increase the awareness of hypertension. This was especially important because of the lack of appropriate knowledge among hypertensive patients.The WHL launched its first WHD on May 14, 2005. Since 2006, the WHL has been dedicating May 17 of every year as WHD.

Theme : The theme for World Hypertension Day this year is "Know Your Numbers", with the goal of increasing awareness anout high blood pressure (BP) within all populations around the world.

The fast life, technological advancements and stressful workplaces are taking a toll. Diabetes and cardiac problems have now become a common ailment in almost every household, courtesy hypertension! With May 17 being observed as World Hypertension Day, this is a clarion call to those suffering high stress levels at work and sedentary lifestyles.

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a silent enemy; it manifests itself quietly and wreaks much havoc undetected. It is estimated that the number of hypertensive adults will increase from 972 million in 2000 to 1.56 billion in 2025, leading to a rise of about 60 percent out of which, around 10 percent of the population suffers from secondary hypertension caused by a pre-existing disease.

A study has also indicated that swimming could help older adults. It is suggested that it's as safe for older adults as walking and bicycling and that it improves the blood vessel functioning and curbs blood pressure. If it is okay to exercise moderately in case of the older ones, swimming should be a safe activity. But if you're sedentary, check with your doctor before becoming newly-active. There was a time when swimming was considered risky because being in cold water "elicits cardiovascular changes"; nevertheless, activity in moderation helps keep the BP under check.
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