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Events: The Genesis of Indian Classical Music - 24 July 2016


Meeting Point: Lodhi Garden Gate Number 1

For Sherpa contact details after booking your tour, call or text +91-9643982934.

The aim of this musical session that is hosted via SeekSherpa is to have you experience oneness and stillness through the earliest sounds of Indian Music .

You may continue to live your fast paced life but you will have an access to centring yourself, healing yourself to elevate your experience of life! You will also have a better understanding and appreciation for Indian music!

Dhrupad is the most ancient form of Indian music that is almost getting lost to the world. Originating from the Samveda, Dhrupad is considered to be a form of music that instils stillness, calm and a meditative state. This experience planned for you, makes this art form relevant to where one is as a person today.

While the traditional way of appreciating and relating to Indian music has been to be a passive, silent spectator at a concert, through this experience you will get an opportunity to actively participate and interact with music.

You do not need to be a student of Indian music. All you need is an interest and curiosity to discover a magical world through the ancient sounds of our musical heritage that have been passed down to us from the Samveda.

The session would include a short demonstration followed by a practice session in which you too will get an opportunity to try vocalizing the natural sounds within you. The aim is to have the impact of this experience be healing and long-lasting. Join in for this musical session in the cool, green and natural environs of Lodhi Garden and allow the magic of Indian music to touch you, to soothe you.

Time and Location:
Sunday, 24 July 2016 , 7:00am
Lodhi Colony , South Delhi

call or text +91-9643982934.

Events: The Genesis of Indian Classical Music - 24 July 2016 Reviewed by Maddali Laxmi Swetha on July 22, 2016 Rating: 5

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