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China adopted a new Cybersecurity Law

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China adopted a new Cybersecurity Law, which Human Rights Watch(HRW)  told that a regressive measure that strengthens censorship, surveillance, and other controls over the Internet.

The Wall Street Journal announced that the new law is also planned at tightening and centralizing state control over technology equipment, “raising concerns among foreign companies operating in the country.”

China’s state-run radio called it a law to prohibit “online activities that are attempts to remove the socialist system, split the nation, undermine national unity, advocate terrorism and extremism“.

The government would take measures to ‘monitor, defend and handle cybersecurity risks and threats originating from within the country or overseas sources, protecting key information infrastructure from attack, intrusion, disturbance and damage,’the law reads.

China also passed a law that bans film content deemed harmful to the “dignity, honour and interests” of the country. It also encourages the promotion of “socialist core values”.

This was initiated by Qin Shi Huang of the Qin dynasty and it was finally completed during the Ming dynasty’s rule in the 17th century.
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