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Climate Change Performance Index 2017 released

Germanwatch and Climate Action Network Europe released the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2017 on 16 November 2016. The CCPI confirms that there is a boost for renewable energy and positive developments in energy efficiency.

The index ranks India at the 20th position and says that countries like India are making efforts in fields of renewable and energy efficiency.

Highlights of CCPI 2017

It says that the historic Paris Agreement that was reached in 2015 has helped in encouraging the trends in switching towards the renewable energy, but the revolution in switching at the global level is very slow.

The index says that many countries lack in ambition in switching towards the renewable energy.

Morocco: Morocco, the host for the COP 22, was ranked at 8th position. The index says that due to its investments in renewable energy and mid and long-term targets, Morocco continued its upward trend. It is the frontrunner in Africa.

 Emerging Economies: They improved their improvement in 2017 CCPI by showcasing positive trends in shifting towards the renewable energy. Ranks of few emerging economies are India (20), Argentina (36) and Brazil (40).

Countries rated as Very Poor: Rank of Countries that were rated as very poor include Canada (55), Australia (57) and Japan (60). They were ranked in the bottom group.

Ranks of the world’s two largest emitters are USA (43) and China (48).

 France, which was ranked at the fourth place, leads the list for the first time. It was ranked fourth for the diplomacy that helped in enabling the Paris Agreement in 2015.

 France is followed by Sweden (5) and the United Kingdom (6).

Concern Area: The top three positions in the CCPI 2017 were left empty because no big emitter is acting in line with the 1.5 to 2°C limit.

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