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Reasons Why Reading the Newspaper is Necessary While Preparing for Bank Exams

Reading the newspaper every day is often recommended for the aspirants who are preparing for the bank exams. It will keep the aspirants well updated with the current affairs along with helping them in grasping and strengthening their English language skills as it is required for their banking examination. A good newspaper like ‘The Hindu’ is recommended as it is the most appropriate newspaper for any banking aspirant.

Pathway to success: 
The reason why reading the newspaper is mandatory for success in the banking examinations is listed below along with few tips of how to read the newspaper.

  • Being choosy: You should keep in mind your goal and realize while reading the newspaper that not every news or article is important and the aspirants should pick and choose only the articles that are relevant.
  • Knowledge of topics: It is not only important to know the names of famous people nowadays but details about them as well. The aspirant will never know the questions they’ll be counterattacked with in the exam, Hence it is needed to have a complete coverage of the topics that are important for the exam. 
  • Good Language: Many successful bank exam aspirants do not usually prefer grammar books or even practicing the English questions papers because they have a habit of reading the newspaper on a daily basis. The advantage of reading the paper will help you develop a flow of reading and will help in the proper arrangement of sentences. 
  • English preparation is taken care of: The editorial page in the newspaper helps in forming of opinions. Few times in the banking exam, the close test or the reading comprehension comes directly from this page. It will also help the aspirants to improve on their vocabulary and grammar. Hence reading the newspaper will help the English preparation to be taken care of. 

Few tips on how to read the newspaper: 
          Reading the new pages are important to gain knowledge, city page and the local news can be less concentrated on. Whenever a particular new topic is read, note down the important points in a well maintained notebook which will help in the preparation for the bank exam or copy and paste the important points on a word document. In the editorial page it is important to note down the words that are not known to the aspirant along with its synonym and antonym which will help the aspirant to increase his/her vocabulary. Learning 10 new words a day is a good practice. This method will help you for the preparation of Essay, Group Discussion and Interview.

          With these reasons we see the importance of newspapers during the preparation of bank exams like IBPS PO, SBI PO. The mode in which the newspaper can be read is according to the aspirant as nowadays the newspaper is readily available digitally as well.

About the author:
          Reuben Thomas Alex enjoys inspiring others through his writing and blogging. After his engineering he has chosen to work with many students and to explore the opportunities of creating a better future in the field of digital education. He has been able to motivate many with his passion towards education in Byju’s-the Learning App.


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